Date: 11 June 2022

Grinding Machine

Grinding machine is a forfeiture cutting tool. By which the essence is cut in the form of rough and finish. The grinding machine has the capability to produce high quality face homestretches. This machine grinds essence by colorful styles like flat face, inner and external spherical face, taper face, uneven face, etc.

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Types/Styles of grinding

while grinding, different styles are used according to the grinding of different types of work, Substantially seven styles are used which are as follows:

  1. Face grinding:
    The grinding of vertical shells is done by face grinding system. In this system, grinding is done by holding the work piece or job on the tables moving back and forth and moving left and right.
    Vertical flat face grinding is done by face grinding system.
  2. Spherical grinding:
    In this system the grinding of spherical and taper face is done. The grinding which is done on the taper face is called taper grinding.
  3. Internal grinding:
    In this system, the grinding of spherical and inside holes is done.
  4. Plunge cut grinding :
    Grinding of small work blocks or jobs is done by this system. In this system the wheel is fed directly into the face of the work or job.
  5. Form grinding:
    By this system, by grinding the work section or job, the form oppressed is attained. In this system, the wheel is fed on the face of the work or job by dressing.
  6. Centerless Grinding :
    In this system external grinding is done on spherical shells. Centerless grinding is done in spherical and taper jobs or work pieces that don't have a center.
  7. Off-hand grinding:
    Off-hand grinding is done in work areas or jobs that don't bear a good finish and delicacy. By this system, the job is grinded by hand pressing the grinder. Off-hand grinding is done by bench grinder and pedestal grinder.
Tools for off-hand grinding

The following 5 tools are used for Off-hand grinding.

  1. Scribers
  2. Punch
  3. Chisel
  4. Twist drill
  5. Single point slice tools


Abrasive is a veritably hard material that has numerous cutting edges so that it can cut hard essence fluently.

Abrasives are substantially of the following types:
I. Natural Abrasives

These types of abrasives are set up naturally, similar as emery, diamond, corundum etc. In this abrasive there are less cutting rudiments and further contaminations. The size of their grains is also not the same. Thus, grinding bus made from naturally being abrasives are set up in veritably small amounts. The grinding heel made from this abrasive is used for stropping slice tools and for removing gratuitous essence from the face of hard essence jobs.

II. Artificial Abrasives

Abrasives which are made and used in artificial form are called artificial abrasives. In this abrasive, the slice rudiments are more and the size of their grains is also the same. The artificial abrasive is made and base into small grains. Also the grains of different sizes are kept after filtering through sieves of different sizes. The size of grains is seen according to the number of holes made per forecourt inch in a sieve.

There are two types of artificial/synthetic abrasives:
i. Aluminium oxide

Grinding wheel with aluminium oxide is veritably tough, It's substantially used on essence with high tensile strength similar as amalgamation sword, tool sword and high speed sword etc. This abrasive is denoted by the English letter' A'.

ii. Silicon carbide

Grinding bus with silicon carbide are substantially used on essence with low tensile strength, similar as brass, braz, bobby , cast iron etc. A special type of silicon carbide grinding wheel is also set up, which is green in colour, which is used for stropping tip tools with cemented carbide. This is called the letter' C' of English.

Here is a list of top ten grinding machines used in industry.

The following grinding machines are substantially used in the factory:

  1. Bench Grinder :
    It's a small size grinding machine which is fitted on the bench and used. A grinding peel is fitted at both ends of its spindle. One wheel is rough and the other is fine. This grinder is substantially used for out- hand grinding of small- sized tools and corridor.

  2. Pedestal Grinder :
    This is a larger machine than the bench grinder. On it fit the motor and grinding wheel and spindle on a pedestal. A grinding wheel is fitted on either side of its spindle, in which one wheel is rough and the other is fine. This grinder is used for off-hand grinding of large size tools.

  3. Movable Grinder :
    It's a small size grinder on which only one wheel fits. This grinder is used by taking it near the work, that is, this grinder is used where the work is veritably big and it cannot be brought to the grinder. This generally results in rough grinding.

  4. Flexible Shaft Grinder :
    It's also a movable grinder with a long flexible shaft that's attached to a motor attached to a stage. The grinding wheel is fitted at the end of this flexible shaft. This grinder is also used by taking it near the work.

  5. Face Grinder :
    The main use of this grinder is to make a flat face of the job. The size of a job can be finely finished with this machine. According to the work, this grinder is of numerous types like spindle perpendicular or vertical type in this machine and table rotary or repaying type.
    In a grinder with a vertical spindle, grinding is done from the peel face and in a machine with a perpendicular spindle, grinding is done from the end face of the wheel. The reciprocating table moves back and forth and the rotary table rotates in an indirect stir.

  6. External Spherical Grinder :
    This type of grinder is used for grinding straight spherical shells. The jobs on this machine are used by tying them between the centres.

  7. Internal Cylindrical Grinder :
    By this machine, any straight or taper hole is finely predicated. Small- sized grinding bus are used in this.

  8. Centre-less Grinder :
    This grinder is frequently used in the product shop. The job on this machine isn't tied between the centres.

  9. Tool & Cutter Grinder :
    This grinder is used for sharpening a tool or cutter. The grinding wheel is fitted on its head and its edge is fixed by tying the job to the table.

  10. Swing Frame Grinder :
    This grinder has a horizontal frame of 2 to 3 meters long, with which the grinding wheel is attached. It is hung on the center of gravity so that it can move freely in its working area.

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Grinding Machines
Grinding Machines
Grinding Machines
Grinding Machines

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