Date: 12 July 2022

Hazards and Safety Precaution in Grinding Machine Job

There is no such work in which there is no possibility of danger. In such a situation, when grinding machine job is being done on the working site, then it becomes the responsibility of the company to get the work done in safe procedure and the company to get any work done in safe procedure. Makes every effort to. But sometimes the safety policy of the company is ignored or due to human error an accident occurs. By first assessing these potential hazards, we give related precautions so that the dangers can be avoided.

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Let us try to understand it in detail-

Definition of Grinding Job

"The process of rubbing and cutting the upper surface of any material by machine is called grinding."

Hazards in Grinding Job :

  1. The main hazard of grinding job is the damage of the wheel, that is, there is a break in the wheel during the work, which causes potential danger.
  2. Since the work of grinding is done, it is electrical work. In such a situation, there is every possibility of getting an electrical shock during the work.
  3. The hot spark that comes out during grinding can cause danger. In such a situation, it is necessary to take precautions related to it to avoid that the spatter cannot harm the eye.
  4. If a person slips and falls while grinding, then there is a possibility of major injury. Therefore, while grinding, it should be seen that there are no sliding factors available at that site.
  5. If a wheel is not suitable for a machine, then if you use that wheel in a machine, then the possibility of danger is high.
  6. When the un-matching size wheel is used or the wheel who’s RPM is not matching with that machine, then the possibility of breaking the wheel becomes complete.
  7. If there are any flammable substances around while grinding, then the possibility of fire becomes high.
  8. After working standing in the opposite direction of the wind, there is a whole chance of burn of the body.
  9. If correct PPE is not taken during work, then there is a possibility of danger.
  10. If the wheel guard is not installed in the grinding machine, that is, the machine is being operated without wheel guard, then there is a full possibility of danger.

All the above mentioned points were possible hazards during grinding operation. The workers have to be protected from these potential hazards. It is the responsibility of the Safety Department and the site supervisor, which work procedure should be followed to make the work environment safe or which safety precaution should be given so that the hazards can be stopped. Could.

After understanding Potential Hazards, now let us try to understand the security related to that work through the following points-

Safety in Grinding Job :

  1. If grinding work is being done, it is very necessary to use safety shoes, helmet, chest guard, leg guard, safety goggles and grinding face shield for all the workers doing grinding job. Without this, any grinder operator can do not allow to reduce.
  2. Because if any operator works without a shield, then the PPE that is there acts as a barrier between the accident and the worker, and if it is not available, there is a 100 percent chance of the workers getting injured after the accident.

  3. Whatever cable is installed in the grinding machine is properly insulated. Do not allow to work in the condition of being un-insulated.
  4. All the electrical equipment that runs inside the company should be connected to the ELCB. So that it can sense the current and trip during the electrical shock. By which the possibility of getting a shock is completely eliminated. The capacity which is there is up to 63 amps.
  5. The cable of the grinding machine should never be lying on the ground, it should always be overhead, and whose minimum distance should be at least 2 meters. Shock can occur due to which there is a full chance of physical injury.
  6. The power tools and hand tools of the grinding machine should not have any kind of joints in any kind of cable, so that the possibility of danger like electrical shock can be stopped.
  7. When grinding is about to be done, first of all, we find out the direction of the wind. For this, we look at the wind shock or take out the handkerchief and hold the corner of the handkerchief and check the direction of the wind and if there is no handkerchief then picking up a little dust Drop it downwards. By which you can easily check the direction of the wind. If you work standing in the opposite direction of the wind, then the hot spatter will come on top of the body, due to which there will be every possibility of burning of the body.
  8. Before using the wheel, check the expiry date and use it when the RPM (Rotate Per Minute) of the wheel and the machine match. Don’t use it.
  9. The PRM of the machine is written on the machine and the RPM of the wheel is written on the wheel.

  10. The main hazard of grinding is the breakage of the wheel. To avoid this danger, before operating the machine, check the condition of the wheel. Apart from this, never buy a wheel of poor quality from the market. The possibility of breaking a wheel of poor quality is more.
  11. When attaching the wheel, make it tight with proper spanner otherwise there is every possibility of the wheel coming out due to bolt free. Because wheel rotates in the direction of clock direction and bolt tightens in anti-clock direction and tightens without spanner, but if the bolt becomes free and the wheel is not tightened when the wheel is running, there is a possibility of an accident.
  12. The machine should not be allowed to operate without wheel guard, otherwise there is every possibility of operator's injury in case of breakage of the wheel.
  13. Any portable machine should never be connected to the main switch board, otherwise there is a possibility of causing disruption in the lighting of the entire building or site if the machine malfunctions.
  14. All the portable machines that are there, do not connect them to the main switch board and arrange local switch boards for them.
  15. Portable grinding machines are their ON/OFF switch board, it should be close to the hand grip so that it can be easily turned off in case of emergency.
  16. When the grinding machine is not being used, it should always be visible, otherwise there is every possibility of someone stumbling and falling and there are full chances of physical injury.
  17. Never try to repair any damaged part. If any kind of damage is visible then try to replace it.
  18. If the grinding machine is being operated and any kind of problem is arising at that time, then a qualified electrician should be called at any time to solve that problem and then that solution should be done.
  19. When grinding work is going to start, then the first priority of housekeeping is if proper housekeeping is not done then there is a possibility of danger due to fire, slipping or stumbling.
  20. When grinding is being done, the working site should not have flammable substances, if any, then its distance should be at least 10 m can go.
  21. During grinding, the area should be barricade and no person should be allowed to stand in front during operation.
  22. Wheel should never be used in case of wetness. There is every possibility of breaking when the wheel is wet. The wheel is not to be used even after drying in the sun. The wheel is said to expire when it is wet.

There's a demand of artificial safety in order to help any kind of incident performing in the accidents causing loss of life and endless disability of the workers in the association, damages to machines and material which can beget the organizational position losses.

At AAURLO POWER Safety is a priority. We have top-grade safety guidelines as follows:

  1. Responsible Persons
  2. Compliance Enforcement of Safe Work Practices
  3. Examinations
  4. Injury or Illness Investigation
  5. Hazard Assessment and Control of Unsafe or noxious Conditions
  6. Safety Training
  7. Recordkeeping

We also provide assured basic safety for our employee as follows:

  1. Always wear Applicable apparel and work shoes.
  2. Always wear applicable bottom protection when you're exposed to Bottom injuries.
  3. Always wear applicable hand protection (gloves) when you are exposed to cuts, burns dangerous physical or chemical agents that are encountered and able of causing injury or impairments.
  4. Always wear face or eye protection when working in locales where there's a threat of entering eye injuries.
  5. See to it that particular defensive outfit (PPE) is gutted regularly or disposed of after use. Always keep PPE in good form.