About us

About us

AAURLO POWER is the top manufacturer and supplier of grinding machines and pedestal machines. The company conducts extensive research to design and manufacture top-quality ISO 9001:2008 certified equipment.

At Aaurlo Power, we are one of the leading manufacturers of belt grinders and pedestal bench grinders in India. We are a team of young and passionate individuals, who work dedicatedly towards meeting our customers’ needs. Over the years, we’ve built a strong clientele and network of distribution experts that fuel our growth.

Some of Aaurlo’s products include :

  • Pedestal bench grinder
  • Abrasive belt grinder
  • Lathe mounted grinder
Grinding Machines

We manufacture a range of products that include Abrasive belt grinder, Bench type belt grinder, Rubber contact wheels, Pedestal grinder and Industrial wheels. Our products pack the latest features, functionalities and technology that enables our clients to achieve the highest grinding efficiency and thus optimize their returns.

Additionally, we handhold our clients by providing services such as installing, commissioning, operational assistance and regular maintenance to ensure the products operate as expected and provide the best of services. Therefore, our products, coupled with our services, give us a competitive edge and make us the best.

We are Manufacturer and supplier of Abrasive Belt Grinder, Bench Type Belt Grinder & Pedestal Bench Grinder, Contact Wheel, Industrial Wheel offered by AAURLO POWER from various location like Pune, Chakan, Bhosari, Ranjangaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh(UP), Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh(MP), Orissa, Surat, Indore, Ahmedabad, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Assam, India.

List of Machines :

1 Oil Furnace Casting till1150Kg Onetime
2 Coal Furnace Casting till 300Kg Onetime
3 Lathe Machines SIZE: 16FUTX15” 2 Nos
4 Lathe Machines SIZE: 7FUTx10” 3 Nos
5 Sander Machines SIZE: 30” 1 Nos.
6 Drilling Machines SIZE: 38mm 2 Nos.
7 Milling Machines SIZE: 800X400X400 1 Nos.
8 Compressor Machines SIZE: 5HP 1 Nos.
9 Abrasive Belt Machines SIZE: 2000X50 2 Nos.
10 Hydrolice Capacity : 35 Tons 1 Nos.