Date: 18 August 2022

Pedestal Grinding Machine Safety Regulation

In order to grind all types of casting and other materials used in early modern factories, factories, and engineering workshops, the heavy duty pedestal grinding machine should be equipped with double ended heavy duty ball bearings pedestal grinders. It should also come with a suitable electric motor, push button starter, eye shields, adjustable tool rest, one set of grinding wheels, wheel guards, and a spanner.

Grinders are secure and utilize, but there are some precaution to handle it. Safety is more than just understanding a range of information and following a few rules. Safety is a cultural norm. In order for you and others to continue alive, you must both study it and live it.
At AAURLO POWER Safety is an our priority. We have top-grade safety guidelines.


  1. Wheels should always be handled and stored carefully.
  2. Before mounting, make sure you visually check all the wheels for any potential damage.
  3. Do Be Sure to Operate the machine's speed does not exceed the speed indicated on its wheel, blotter, or container.
  4. Check that the mounting flanges are the proper diameter, relaxed where needed, and of equal size.
  5. Use mounting blowers if they come with wheels.
  6. Make sure the bench pedestal, floor stand grinders, and work rest are all properly adjusted.
  7. Use a safety guard that at least partially covers the grinding wheel at all times.
  8. Do not grind newly mounted wheels until they have run at operational speed with the guard in place for at least a minute.
  9. Do not ever grind without using safety glasses or another sort of authorised eye protection.
  10. Before stopping the wheel, turn off the coolant to prevent an unbalanced situation.


  1. Avoid using wheels that have been dropped or seem to have been mistreated.
  2. Don't alter the size of the mounting hole or force a wheel onto a machine. Get a new wheel if the old one won't fit the machine.
  3. Never go faster than the wheel's maximum operating speed.
  4. Use only mounting flanges with smooth, flat, and clean bearing surfaces.
  5. The mounting nut shouldn't be tightened excessively
  6. Avoid rubbing against the side of traditional, straight, or Type 1 wheels.
  7. Start the machine only when the safety guard has been installed correctly and firmly.
  8. Avoid packing work inside the wheel.
  9. When a grinder is turned on, avoid standing directly in front of the grinding wheel.
  10. Do not grind anything that the wheel is not intended for.

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